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The Wealth of Wageningen

Save The Wealth of Wageningen stamps, enjoy local products and support a healthy environment.

The Wealth of Wageningen (Wageningse Weelde in Dutch) is a group of local small-scale farmers and shopkeepers who support organic agriculture, care about their region and are passionate about the quality of their own unique products.

Save stamps for a product from The Wealth of Wageningen and you will immediately benefit from the fresh taste of the products and the enthousiasm of the local producers!

How does it work?

  • Go to a stamp distribution point (see list of member shops and agricultural producers)
  • Purchase any product from a stamp distribution point
  • Receive a special Wageningse Weelde stamp for every €5,- that is spent in that distribution point
  • Ask for a Wageningse Weelde Stamp Card and catalogue
  • Stick the stamps on the Wageningse Weelde Stamp Card or put the stamps into the Good Cause Pot
  • Choose a product or activity out of the catalogue
  • Save the stamps until the card(s) is full
  • Go to the shop or producer of your choice and swap the full card for the selected item
The catalogue is full of all sorts of original products and surprising activities from a bunch of flowers to a lunch-hike with a donkey…….

Don't linger too long…………the local products from The Wealth of Wageningen are waiting for you…..

The Good Cause Pot is for consumers who support The Wealth of Wageningen but do not want to save up for a particular item. Their stamps are collected in Good Cause Pots and are used for carrying out a selected project by a local organization approved by the members of The Wealth of Wageningen. In 2009 the Good Cause project was the purchase and sowing of herbs and grasses for bees and butterflies in several paddocks in the Wageningen region.
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Ontwerp: Annemarie de Koeijer
Realisatie: Loogiekaas